AUTOGRAPHED Molten Basketball 8 Stars Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated

AUTOGRAPHED Molten Basketball Star Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated Michael Jordan 950

A Michael Jordan 1977 To 1982 Autograph

This Basketball Article And Authentication Of The Signatures Is A Project In The Works. I Do Know At This Time That Michael Jordan Did In Fact Sign His Name In This Signature Style During His Senior High School Year And On Into His First Or Second Year Of College. 


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*ITEM:  AUTOGRAPHED Molten Basketball Star Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated

*MANUFACTURER:  Basketball is produced by Molten

*PLAYERS READABLE AUTOGRAPHS:  Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins.

*YEAR: I have to evaluated the year through the style of signature the players used in the time period they were using the style. Over the years after the players start giving autographs their signatures develop into a distinctive style. The signatures on this ball say the ball was autographed over the decades starting in or around 1982 and ending in or around 1996.

Molten Brand: Molten is a Japanese sports ball company that produced its balls in Japan mainly for competition sports. Molten started producing basketballs in "Southern California" in 1983 for the United States market. With Michael Jordan's signature on this ball being the style he used from 1977 into his college years it is seen now this basketball was signed by Michael Jordan in his rookie college basketball years or Molten was already selling basketballs to schools before they started manufacturing in the U.S.. More than likely some U.S. schools were already using Molten balls before they started being produced in the U.S..

There are 6 1992 Dream Team signatures on this ball. 3 are "In A Row". I really thought this was a 1992 "Dream Team" ball at first but the signature styles say it's not.

Research: I put in hours of researching to see if these signatures are real or fake. My first thought of course with the signatures that were really readable were this basketball was a 1992 "Dream Team" ball. Then after I fully researched the signatures to see if they were forgeries or not I realized the autographs were from different time periods as if the person whom originally owned this ball had famous players sign the ball individually over several decades.

I found out many of the famous players did not develop their signatures until after they started to become famous. Before they were famous their signatures were "connected printing" or "sloppy styled". After they started signing autographs regularly they became smooth styled or shortened sloppy. I read many players shortened their signature purposely because they had so many to sign. I personally own a "Mike Piazza" signed baseball that is just his initials he did indeed sign the ball with.

Many of the autographs appear to be "Pre Rookie" or "Rookie" signatures. Michael Jordans autograph appears to be from 1977 to 1982 when he was in high school to his first years in college.

Michael Jordan: After extensive research I found the signature on this basketball was the autograph style Michael Jordan used from around 1977 (High School) to his early college days in 1982. Researchers have found between 1982 and 1984 his signature started to develop into a more stylish "J".

This basketball if the style of signature tells the story was signed by Michael Jordan during his 1981 - 1982 years in college. I saw a picture of a "Tar Heels" basketball with Jordan's signature that was "Print Writing", you know, printed letters that are connected and he may have done that so his name could be read better. Michael Jordan may have had two styles of signing his name as he became more famous and started to develop his penmanship. My hand writing is sloppy and I used to just print because it is so sloppy so I have to take my own experiences into account as I investigate other peoples ways and means.

Bo Jackson: I did find "Bo Jackson's" autograph on this ball and I was surprised it was there. I later found out Bo Jackson's old track coach Mel Rosen was the "Olympic Track Coach" for the 1992 Olympics and a book was being written about Mel Rosen with comments from Bo Jackson.

In late 1991 and 1992 Bo Jackson was sitting out the season from all his sports activities due to a hip injury he suffered from so him checking out the Olympic basketball squad in 1991 is some of what Bo Jackson was doing with his time off in those years since the buzz was big and fans were all over the place trying to get autographs. The person who owned this basketball may have been close to the olympic basketball team and just happened to run into Bo Jackson.

I don't know if the above  is true and only in speculation but it looks like his signature on the ball with a big "O" after the "B" instead of the usual tiny "O" after the "B" and 1992 was a huge year for basketball with Shaquille O'Neil coming into basketball.

Kobe Bryant:  I looked through a huge amount of Kobe Bryant signatures and did find several examples of him making the "K" look almost like a "J". He starts out with a straight line then when he puts a sideways "V" on the straight line he hits the top of the straight line making the "K" look like a "J".

*GRADED:  No Autograph authentication.

*CONDITION:  The autographs are kinda faded and worn because some kids got ahold of this ball and were playing basketball with it. The ball is inflated and has stayed inflated for the decades its been in my possession. There's lots of dings, knicks, scratches, marks, color fading and wear from use on this ball.

*The color from picture to picture is altered and this is do to my digital camera with the focus in and out.

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AUTOGRAPHED Basketball Star Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated Michael Jordan 951

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AUTOGRAPHED Basketball Star Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated Magic Johnson 956

AUTOGRAPHED Basketball Star Signed Through The Decades Not Authenticated Patrick Ewing  Junk 957

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