Electronic Payments   A Junkee Shoppe does not accept direct payments through this store from credit or debit cards. Credit card and debit card payments have to be processed through an online payment service. A Junkee Shoppe accepts payments through "Stripe" and "Paypal" for credit card purchases.

Money Orders  Received Drawn On Well Known Banks & Financial Institutions Will Trigger Immediate Shipping Of Purchased Products. U.S. Postal Service, Albertsons, Nationally Known Banks.

Money Orders   Received Drawn On Financial Institutions That Are Not Well Known Will Require Some Investigation Before Shipping Of Purchased Products.

Personal Checks  Are Accepted But Will Require At Least 10 Business Days To Be Processed By The Bank To Insure The Personal Check Is Valid With Sufficient Funds Attached To The Personal Check. 10 Business Days Gives The Bank Enough Time To Process The Personal Check And Send Out A Bad Check Warning In The Case Of Insufficient Funds.

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