BLUE ANGELS Skyhawk A4E/F Airplane Model Kit Minicraft / Hasegawa 1/72


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*ITEM:  BLUE ANGELS Skyhawk A4E/F Airplane Model Kit Minicraft / Hasegawa 1/72


*MODEL:  Blue Angels A4E/F or TA-4J  (You can build either version)

*YEAR:  Estimated 1986 thru 1989 Release

*MATERIAL:  injected plastic

*MEASURES:  1/72 scale

*PARTS COUNT:  I did not count the parts. I looked at them closely only. The previous owner purchased two of these same model kits when they were being sold retail and put them both together in the same box. There are 4 fuslages and parts for two jets. Some parts may be missing. Only two jets can be built. This kit only has canopies for one A4E/F & one TA-4J.

*CONDITION:  Some mixed two of the same model kits together. One model kit gave the option of building one of two versions. Two of these model kits mixed together gives the option of building one of each. There are only two canopies, one for the A4E/F & TA-4J.

*A picture that can be magnified to full screen will be sent upon request.

*Buyer is responsible for any maintenance or repairs needed if any. 

*This item will be sold "as-is" in used condition. No warranties or guarantees come with the purchase.

*Buyer is responsible for making sure all is correct with the item and the item will suit the buyers needs and expectations before purchase. Buyer is responsible for making sure purchase of this item is not a mistake.

*Items sold are inspected and photographed at different angles before being boxed up and shipped to the buyer. Any attempts to return broken items in exchange for what's been shipped to the buyer, make the purchase and exchange parts that are needed then send unit back for a refund, extort partial refunds or get a refund due to a mistake made by the buyer in the purchase of the item will be reported  immediately.


The shipping weight will be 12 oz USPS. A handling fee is charged to cover the time and any expenses associated with the packing and shipping of packages. Anything left is put towards the selling fee's.



Purchase Can Be Made On
Junk Market Stop @ Marketplace

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