COCA COLA Twin Bell Quartz Alarm Clock Coke Used

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*ITEM:  COCA COLA Twin Bell Quartz Alarm Clock Coke Used


*MODEL:  Twin Bell Quartz Alarm Clock

*YEAR:  1996

*MATERIAL:  Steel shell with a plastic back

*MEASURES:  Approx. 5" dia. back.

*CONDITION:  This clock appears to have been used at least for a short while because I found a battery in side the battery compartment. I put a new battery in the clock and the hands started to move normally. I turned the alarm on and spun the alarm hand around and when the alarm hand clicked the alarm did not sound. I turned the alarm off, spun the alarm hand all the way around, turned the alarm back on and the alarm sounded when I spun the alarm hand around again. The alarm kept sounding after that though the 10 times I spun the alarm hand around. As for the accuracy of this clock and weather it's slow or fast is unknown to me. I let it run for awhile then put it back into its box. The hands did keep up with the clock on my computer while it was running. The hour hand appeared to be about 1 minute off on the half hour mark but was closer on the hour mark. The box is beat up and one of the lid connecting cardboard points on the box is torn.

*FEATURESMetal body, the striker arm between the two bells at the top is just ornamental and does not function. The alarm bell is internal and functions with the quartz movement.

*This clock is not being sold as an everyday usable item. This clock is being sold as an ornamental collectable for decorative purposes and not as an accurate timepiece to rely on.

*Buyer is responsible for any maintenance or repairs needed if any. 

*This item will be sold "as-is" in used condition. No warranties or guarantees come with the purchase of this item.

*Buyer is responsible for making sure all is correct with the item and the item will suit the buyers needs and expectations before purchase. Buyer is responsible for making sure purchase of this item is not a mistake.

*Items sold are inspected and photographed at different angles before being boxed up and shipped to the buyer. Any attempts to return broken items in exchange for what's been shipped to the buyer, make the purchase and exchange parts that are needed then send unit back for a refund, extort partial refunds or get a refund due to a mistake made by the buyer in the purchase of the item will be reported  immediately.

The shipping weight will be 2 1/2 lbs. A handling fee is charged to cover the time and any expenses associated with the packing and shipping of packages. Anything left is put towards the selling fee's.



Purchase Can Be Made On
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