Rakuten, The Japanese Internet Entity Is Surely A Global Giant To Keep An Eye On Good And Bad

Rakuten Is Surely A Global Internet Entity To Keep An Eye On Good And Bad

Written By James Allan | 12-15-2017

Rakuten is a Japanese based internet marketplace set in the form of Ebay and Amazon. Rakuten has been purchasing many popular U.S. based internet entities to grow its brand in the U.S. and expand into an international marketplace. The main internet selling platform Rakuten operates on is the old, "Buy.com".

Another fairly popular internet advertising platform that was purchased is the Top Sites List website, "Go Top 100". Go Top 100 is presently not letting sellers join other members Top Lists but does except new Top Lists so it seems an overhaul is going on. Rakuten also owns the coupon web sites, "Groupon" and "Ebates.com". Also this internet giant is planning on creating its own cell phone network. Rakuten also has a 30% stake in Pinterest and an unknown amount in the online currency entity, "Bit Coin".

This Japanese based internet company has been buying up and investing in hundreds of internet companies world wide to expand its presence in the global marketplace. From travel to sports to finances Rakuten is making its play to be on top with to many acquisitions and investments to list in this short article.

Rakuten was founded in 1997 and based in Tokyo, Japan where it has grown into another Facebook, Ebay and Amazon internet giant though the 90% of Japanese internet users joining the marketplace and using their financial products. Rakuten operates Japan's largest internet bank and a credit card company said to be ranked number 3. 

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