The United States Post Office Is An Entity We Need To Fix And Keep Fixed

We Are Urging Donald Trump To Use His Skills To Fix The United States Postal Service

Written By James Allan | 12-21-2017

A Letter To Mister President, Donald Trump. Please take some of your valuable time and check into why the United States Postal Service is poorly run and constantly raising postage rates to cover overhead. The U.S. postal service does have a huge overhead without a doubt but it is well known that the postal service is so troubled that they need to constantly raise shipping rates to cover the bad management decisions that are a plague.

I've been following this story for over 10 years. Congress borrowing money from the USPS, Congress not letting the USPS shut down useless post offices, Congress forcing the USPS to hold back 10 billion dollars for employee pensions, etc......... All kinds of B.S. that keep shipping rates going higher and higher while consumers stop paying the higher shipping rates which in turn slows down the economy. It's time "Mister President" for you to get involved.

May 10th 2016: The Post Office Lost 2 Billion In 3 Months

Postal Service Reform Act Of 2016 That Isn't Working

You Mister President are a person that knows how to organize huge entities for cost efficiency and U.S. Citizens now need your skills to take a look at the USPS and overhaul it then get rid of the waste and inefficient personal that create the excess overhead causing postage rates to constantly increase.

There's millions if not billions of dollars that could be put back into the pockets of U.S. Citizens to spend on their daily needs if postage rates were lowered which would help boost the economy. One reason for today's economic decline is the rising shipping costs. In this day and age of internet shopping more and more packages are being shipped with huge increases in the amount of packages expected to be shipped in the future. As usual with trending popular functions comes business raising prices and gouging. With price gouging to fix problems our present postal service management has no ability to fix comes a slow down in retail and non retail spending because the shipping is so damn expensive. Get rid of the 43 million immigrants in the U.S. who will never go home and the USPS overhead will decline and postage rates can be lowered.

The USPS was government run then privatized to increase efficiency but we all know the efficiency of privatization failed as the money grubbers were put in charge of it. We all know the government still has control over it. UPS and Fedex have always been expensive and as the post office gets more expensive UPS and Fedex will get even more expensive. UPS and Fedex are mainly shipping entities for businesses and will follow with lower shipping rates when shipping rates for the USPS take a 30% drop.

Well, now that you Donald Trump are cleaning out government it would be great if you would clean out the post office and install management focused on lowering shipping costs and, "NOT" raising rates to solve the problems the present postal service management has no ability to solve.

I used to send a 22 lb package from the west coast to the east coast for approx. $20 to $25. Now to ship the same package I would have to pay in excess of $60 ground. My first thought was the employee union won't let their weakling employees carry the package and required more money to do so. My second thought of course was fuel costs to move it. My third thought was email pushing out first class letter mail and the USPS management is being pressured by the employee unions not to lay off workers so to pay for these workers that are not needed they raise shipping costs.

The USPS does have the flat rate boxes now which work well for heavy small to medium items but not all items in the range of small to medium fit into these flat rate boxes properly. In many cases the flat rate boxes serve a persons shipping needs well at a lower cost but in many cases the flat rate boxes just do not hold the object to be shipped. What it means when an object won't fit into the flat rate box properly is that the object can only be shipped regular priority mail or ground which costs much more with rising postal service prices.

A large flat rate box in 2011 shipped anywhere in the US. for $14.95. In 2017 that same box ships for 18.85. These are not bad prices for large heavy items that will not fit into the boxes. The real problem isn't the flat rate box prices even though they are going up also and the fear is the prices on flat rate boxes will not stop going up. I'd rather see the 2011 large flat rate box prices return rather than the 2017 $18.85 price.

The real problem is "Non Flat Rate Box" prices that are soaring for heavier items both ground and priority. What the post office is doing is matching ground shipping prices with the higher priced Priority mail shipping for weights from 1 to 4 pounds. Anything over 4 pounds has to go ground if it doesn't fit in a flat rate box and the cost starts rising dramatically. Of course most large and heavier items are engineered not to fit in the flat rate boxes. I once was able to fit a 60 lb item into a flat rate box. I received an unhappy stare when the union clerk had to pick it up.

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