ARMY VIETNAM Era Collar Disc 1 Engineering Castle 24k Gold Plated By Ira Green

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*ITEM:  ARMY VIETNAM Era Collar Disc 1 Engineering Castle 24k Gold Plated By Ira Green

*THEME:  Engineering

*MANUFACTURER:  Ira Green. There are no markings on this disc but heavy research says it was manufactured by "Ira Green". It's unknown why Ira Green did not mark this collar dic but the disc indeed was produced by Ira Green.

*YEAR:  After 1955. The military disc was period identified by the "Clutch Fasteners" that secure the disc to the uniform. The maker of the military discs did not make their own fasteners at that time. The clutch fastener on this disc was made by "Ballou" and marked, "Ballou Reg'd" with 8 cleats which puts the manufacture between 1955 and 1970 when the Vietnam war was going on. In 1970 the maker of the discs Ira Green were making their own clutch fasteners.

*MATERIAL:  This collar disc is 24k gold plated. Most likely over brass but I do not know what kind of metal is under the plating.

*MEASURES:  Disc approx. 1" X  3/4"

*CONDITION:  There's only 1 disc. The other missing disc is most likely a "U.S." disc and many were and came in combination of 1 "U.S." disc and 1 "Unit" disc. Unsued, no major abnormalities noticed. The disc look clean with no noticeable abnormalities. Disc has some micro scratches and marks from being shuffled around without a protective layer but these cannot be seen. The cardboard they are mounted on took a beating with lots of creases, bends and warpage.

*FEATURES:  Rare find to have this collar discs still on their original cardboard. On their cardboard are out their but very few.

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Purchase Can Be Made On
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