ARGUS C3 1939 thru 1957 Vintage 35mm Camera "The Brick" Photography Photo

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*ITEM: ARGUS C3 1939 thru 1957 Vintage 35mm Camera "The Brick" Photography Photo


*MODEL: C3. This C3 does not have any serial numbers. All C3's after 1958 had serial numbers and manufacturing tags. This camera only has the patent numbers molded into the inside film compartment and no other markings or tags except on the lens itself.

*LENS: F/3.5 50mm

*YEAR: 1939 thru 1957

*CONDITION: The shutter was tested and appears to be working. The shutter button was pressed and shutter movement was seen in the lens.The film compartment looks alright as far as I can see. I do not know very much about these older cameras just what is seen. This camera is untested by me. The cats eyes in the lenses appear to be functioning. Setting the exposure and other knobs and functions I do not know anything about and did not mess with these.This camera and lenses have there dings, knicks, marks, scratches and wear on the bodies. There is some soil also.

* The camera case has a couple of bad places. The top rear center of the lid has some missing stitches and the center seam is loose held together with some staples. The bottom leather isn't stitched or attached to the bottom leather sides and only held in place with 3 snaps to the opening front and lid with the camera screw holding it to the camera.

*FEATURES: Rangefinder, lever/knob shutter mechanism ( the shutter is not engaged by the film winder, its engaged with its own lever/knob.). The black knob on the front of the camera in the picture sets the sutter button. Appears to be a fixed lens, 2 view ports (slightly cloudy), camera case has its issues with stitch separations and the leather carry handle is missing.

*This item will be sold "as-is" in used condition. No warranties or guarantees come with the purchase of this item.

*Buyer is responsible for making sure all is correct with the item and the item will suit the buyers needs and expectations before purchase. Buyer is responsible for making sure purchase of this item is not a mistake.

*Items sold are inspected and photographed at different angles before being boxed up and shipped to the buyer. Any attempts to return broken items in exchange for what's been shipped to the buyer, make the purchase and exchange parts that are needed then send unit back for a refund, extort partial refunds or get a refund due to a mistake made by the buyer in the purchase of the item will be reported immediately.

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