POPE JOHN PAUL II Commemorative Card Small 14K Gold Coin

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*ITEM: POPE JOHN PAUL II Commemorative Card Small 14K Gold Coin

*MANUFACTURER:  Unknown, unmarked. These commemoratives were aquired by people who attended a Pope John Paul Rally when he was here in the U.S. years ago.

*MEASURES:  Paper with coin on it approx. 5" X  4"

*CONDITION:  Unused. Comes with a piece of backing paper and envelope.

*FEATURES: Has a small coin ingot of 14K gold with his picture on it. The little coin measures approx. 3/8" dia. The little coin is just neatly taped on with a hole in the back to see a little bit of the coat of arms through the paper. The coin was not tested by me to authenticate if its real gold or not.

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