Tom Daniels Paddy Wagon Plastic Model Kit


The Pic Above Of The 2013 Paddy Wagon Release Includes The Two First Time Cop Figures

Written By Jim Allan | 12-28-2016

This Tom Daniels Paddy Wagon model kit was first produced by Monogram in 1968 without the figures. The Paddy Wagon model kit was then reproduced again in 1998 under the "Revell Monogram" name without the figures. The newest reproduction of the Paddy Wagon model kit with a 2013 copyright date does come with the first time "Cop Figures" Sean Fogerty and Patrick O'Reilly.

The 2013 release of the paddy wagon with the first time cop figures is still available though online retailers. The Paddy Wagon has always been a popular model kit but this release in 2013 with the actual cop figures is going to be a valuable collectors item in the future when it's no longer available though retailers if you don't build it. I have mine I purchased but I'm not going to save it, "I'm Going To Build It". I'll dedicate my building of this Paddy Wagon model kit to all the police officers that lost their lives in service to United States citizens.
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